About us

Greenplay aims to simplify your active or sustainable mobility initiatives by introducing reliable measurements, fun challenges and tangible rewards.

Our mission

Inspire communities to adopt behaviors in favor of sustainable development using innovative, reliable and easy-to-use technology. What we want above all is to put people and innovation at the heart of sustainable mobility initiatives

Our values

The Greenplay team is guided by four fundamental values: transparency, mutual aid, quality and simplicity. Our technology is designed around these values to meet the sustainable mobility needs of our customers. 

Why sustainable mobility?

People embrace the concept of sustainable mobility the moment they understand the effects of their actions.

Here are the objectives that we pursue and that motivate our daily lives: to realize the effect of travel on the environment and to give communities the tools to mobilize in the achievement of a common objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions .

With the help of a diversified network of sustainable mobility stakeholders, we have developed the ideal mobility ecosystem in which each of the players plays a role adapted to their reality.

All about sustainable mobility

Whether you are starting to take an interest in sustainable urban mobility or are already an expert in the field, visit our blog to learn more about the subject.

Bertrand Gélinas

The 5 opportunities for sustainable mobility in 2021

The current situation brings its share of complexity and it is with the greatest attention that cities and municipalities must address the challenges of sustainable mobility. They must put in place initiatives with the objective of returning to good habits.

Gabriel Tisluck

2 good reasons to invest in sustainable mobility in your city

While vehicle electrification and efficiency can reduce transport emissions, they will not solve congestion – they will only electrify it. These investments and measures must be accompanied by a modal shift towards public transit in cities, which also offers even greater economic benefits.