Take part in this sustainable mobility game, even from your shop

Every good game has a reward system. As a Greenplay business partner, take control of the game to reward citizens for making sustainable or active mobility trips.


What you gain from being part of the adventure

Become the "Pass Go" of a
sustainable mobility game in your city

Greenplay allows you to establish a privileged connection with the citizens of your city through the Greenplay Boutique. They will be able to exchange the points accumulated in the mobile application for one of your products or services. 


Strengthen the citizen brand of your business

Show your city how important sustainable or active mobility is to you by becoming a Greenplay partner. Be part of a collective movement by rewarding the citizens of your city who are most committed to this cause.

Reach out to a clientele that shares your convictions

If sustainable or active mobility appeals to you, it also appeals to the active citizens on our app. Join them on the Greenplay Store in order to encourage them to continue.

Performing sampling

Take advantage of the visibility you'll have on the Greenplay Store to do sampling with a clientele that can help you grow your business

Promote local commerce

Greenplay is a new marketing channel where you can promote your products and services to the citizens of your city.

Statistics on customers

You'll have access to the demographics of customers who will redeem the points they have collected in the application for your products, services or samples.