Frequently Asked Questions

Every good innovation comes with its own set of questions. Here are the ones we are most often asked.

Our mobile app is currently in development. We are working hard to bring you the best sustainable mobility experience ever! Don't worry, Greenplay will be available by the end of 2021.

Greenplay is a mobile application that encourages the use of sustainable transportation in businesses and cities with fun, collaborative and measurable challenges. Using specialized algorithms, our application automatically detects the use of sustainable modes of transportation such as bus, metro, bike, walk and carpool. In addition to having metric data about your sustainable trips, you will also have access to the conversion of this data into kg of GHGs saved to give you a better idea of your ecological footprint and your impact on the planet.

The Greenplay mobile app provides simple and efficient data collection on individual and collective transportation and offers tools that support quality decision making. We are working with cities, transport companies, businesses and citizens who support changes in mobility behaviors for the benefit of sustainable development. Get ready to play!

La mobilité durable réfère à la mise en place d’une politique globale des déplacements qui applique les composantes du développement durable aux transports. Elle repose donc sur un système de transport :

  • qui permet aux individus de satisfaire leurs principaux besoins d’accès d’une manière équitable, sécuritaire et compatible avec la santé;
  • dont le coût est raisonnable, qui fonctionne efficacement, qui offre un choix de moyens de transport et qui appuie une économie dynamique;
  • qui minimise la consommation d’espace et de ressources, qui s’intègre au milieu et qui réduit les émissions de gaz à effet de serre ainsi que les déchets.

(Vivre en Ville, d’après Québec. OQLF, 2017, et Centre pour un transport durable, 2002)

The Greenplay mobile app presents a sustainable development game that takes place in the real world. It applies the principles of , which consists of applying game-related mechanisms to non-game contexts. The concept of is very relevant to the issue of sustainable mobility, as the use of games is a positive and effective way to change citizens' behaviors and habits over time. By combining digital and , Greenplay guarantees the success of the action through a high level of commitment and leads to a concrete positive impact on sustainable mobility and the use of alternative transport.

Anyone can register on the Greenplay mobile application. However, users who are not associated with a city, transit company or business will not have access to the Greenplay Store. If they wish to do so, they can still use the app and consult their sustainable travel data.

Greenplay uses the travel data already collected by our smart phones to detect the means of transport for its user. Coupled with the collection of location data, the application is able to tell how many km have been traveled and with what means of transport. Everything is done with precision and efficiency, so as to have an insignificant impact on the consumption of the battery of the phone.

Yes, absolutely. If Greenplay is available in the city where you work or in a city that you frequently visit and you want to use the mobile app in that city even if you don't live there, you can easily register for Greenplay by selecting the city in question and participate in its various challenges.

Yes. There is no charge associated with creating an account on our Greenplay mobile app.

The Greenpoints are the points you will earn based on your sustainable mobility trips. The principle is simple: the more km you travel using active or sustainable transportation (walking, biking, bus, metro, train, carpooling, etc.), the more Greenpoints you'll have on your Greenplay account. Each challenge completed or badge obtained will also allow you to get a predefined amount of Greenpoints. If your account or the company associated with your account is part of a city or public transportation company in partnership with Greenplay, you'll be able to redeem your Greenpoints for gifts and rewards in the Greenplay Store in which you'll find all kinds of products and services from local businesses. A Greenpoint does not have a Canadian dollar equivalent.

The accumulation of Greenpoints is dependent on several factors including the amount of GHG emitted, physical effort and distance traveled.

The Greenplay Store is the rewards platform of our mobile application, where you'll find all kinds of products and services from local businesses. A specific number of points will be assigned to each product or service available on the Store according to the importance and value of the item. You'll be able to purchase one or more rewards on the Greenplay Store if you have accumulated the required number of Greenpoints . Please note that you won't have access to the Greenplay Store if your account or the company associated with your account is not part of a city or transport company in partnership with Greenplay.

No, unfortunately. All rewards available on the Greenplay Store can be obtained in exchange for Greenpoints only.

Greenplay challenges are sustainable mobility challenges available on the mobile app and organized in collaboration with a city, a public transportation company or a business. Greenplay challenges have a predefined duration with a fixed start and end.

Using specialized algorithms, our application automatically detects the use of sustainable modes of transportation such as bus, metro, bike, walk and carpool. This way, you don't have to interact with the mobile app and choose the active or sustainable transportation mode you want to use.

While we can't wait to get it all online, we've saved this part for last. It will certainly be available on our website before the start of our operations.