Mobilize Reward Entertain
your citizens in a game of sustainable urban mobility where you are the hero

Your city is your game board! Encourage your citizens to adopt sustainable mobility behaviors with a game full of challenges and rewards.


The key factors to win this sustainable mobility game

Your citizens won't change their active and sustainable mobility behaviors overnight. Greenplay approaches this issue with an innovative concept tested in various cities around the world.

Mobilizing citizens

Don't underestimate the importance of citizens in this urban mobility game! Once involved, they're the ones who will make a real difference.

An algorithm for detecting modes of transport

The Greenplay mobile application detects and measures active or sustainable mobility behaviors to give you accurate reports on GHG emission reductions, as well as being an interesting supplement to your Origin-Destination surveys.

Rewards to the citizens

For each km of active or sustainable mobility travelled or for each challenge completed, citizens receive Greenpoints which can be redeemed for products and/or services in the Greenplay Store. Greenplay partners with local cities and merchants to find ways to reward and encourage its users in this ongoing collective effort.

Défi sans auto solo 2019: See the results for yourself

In 2019, as a proof of concept, the Greenplay app was used as part of the Défi sans auto solo. Let the results below convince you of the effects of mobilizing people in a sustainable urban mobility context.

5,800 +
mobilized citizens
335,199 Km
of sustainable transportation
55,985 Kg
of GHG saved

The benefits of being the Game Master

As the Game Master, you will oversee and facilitate the progress of your citizens towards the goals to be achieved. It's their efforts and achievements in terms of sustainable mobility that will ensure your success in this game. 

A mobile application designed for you

Facilitate the adoption of the mobile application in your community by adding your logo, your colors and adapting it to your brand. You will thereby strengthen your positioning in your sustainable mobility policy.

Clear environmental impact measurements

Add up all the km of active or sustainable mobility traveled by your citizens to obtain environmental impact measurements and geospatial mobility data, ready for analysis.

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