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mobility a society game

It's your turn to play. Use the Greenplay mobile app in your city or business to measure your green mobility initiatives and be rewarded with different prizes from local businesses! 


How to play

Dans cette aventure épique de mobilité durable, les règles sont simples mais elles peuvent être payantes. Plus vous adoptez des comportements de mobilité durable, plus vous cumulerez des Greenpointswhich you will be able to redeem for rewards in the Greenplay Boutique


Measure your sustainable mobility habits

Use the Greenplay mobile application to measure your active or sustainable transportation journeys.


Collect points and badges

Earn Greenpoints for each mobility challenge completed, badge earned, or miles traveled by active or sustainable transportation.


Be rewarded for reducing your GHG emissions

Redeem your Greenpoints in the Greenplay Store for a host of products and benefits such as bus passes, a hot beverage at the local coffee shop, in-store discounts and much more.

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A co-op or single player sustainable mobility game where everyone wins

Greenplay mobilizes a whole ecosystem of stakeholders who, once in symbiosis, will manage to move forward in this society board game and reach new heights in terms of urban sustainable mobility.

The Players

Players, or app users, travel around town using active or sustainable transportation to collect Greenpoints via our mobile application. They can then redeem their Greenpoints for rewards in the Greenplay Store.

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The Game Masters

Cities and public transportation companies are the Masters of the game. Their role is to facilitate the adoption of active or sustainable modes of transportation in order to move from one level to another in this sustainable mobility game. They also have the power to reward players.

Corporate game boards

Businesses in your city have the power to create custom quests and missions for their employees, along with their own unique rewards system. Their goal is to get their employees moving and reduce their GHG emissions.


The Merchants

Local Merchants join the game in order to reward active players. In doing so, these businesses promote themselves or their products to like-minded individuals.

They like Greenplay

Not only do they love Greenplay, but they support us in our grandiose ideas.
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All about sustainable mobility

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